• $100 annual program fee
  • Standard housing costs with air-conditioning
  • Double rooms
  • Southeast neighborhood

Community Description

Atkins is a living learning space where emphasis is placed on learning by doing and engaging, especially in the pursuit of academic excellence and leadership development.  In our village, we privilege a study of African American history and culture to encourage students to think critically about such broad issues as community (what it means), diversity, and identity. We strongly focus on behaving inclusively to translate the idea that all people are human beings. We work to develop a very strong consciousness concerning social justice, inequality, inequity, and humanity. Through this focus, our goal is to teach students how to work together to achieve transformation of themselves, first, and also of our university community and eventually, the larger American society.  In the Atkins community, we stress civility, engagement, so that the confidence of each member can be built through engagement and our ever evolving ethic of care.  Our motto is: Everybody Engaged: Everybody Contributing. We would love to have students from many different backgrounds live together as individuals and as a collective.  If you want to have a great first year at IU, then become a member of one of the fastest growing village communities: Atkins Living Learning Center.

We hope that you will be excited about the opportunities that exist in the Atkins Living-Learning Center to grow as an individual, a leader, and as someone who is being mentored to make a difference.

Community Expectations

  • Must be actively engaged in community activities and attend all of the mandatory events.
  • Must actively serve on a community committee each semester.
  • Have an interest in engaging and discussing African American Culture, History, and contemporary American  issues.
  • Must maintain an academic focus by achieving a minimum GPA of a 2.7, while striving to obtain a 3.0 or higher to insure success in preparation for ongoing opportunities. 
  • Must be willing to travel and learn through education and cultural emergent opportunities.
  • Must have an unwavering commitment to EXCELLENCE in all areas of social, intellectual, and cultural development.
  • Must value leading by example.