Programs & Activities

Programs & Activities

We encourage our students to participate in a variety of experiences and programs. In particular, we build community and provide opportunities in three key areas: Intellectualism, Social Engagement, and Cultural Activities.


Intellectualism is all about the opportunity to grow the mind and learn how to apply the knowledge gained from extracurricular activities. This includes networking, participating in career fairs, engaging in leadership training, interacting in the community, establishing relationships with mentors at various levels, and engaging in high academic performance.

  • Networking opportunities
  • Career and major presentations
  • Leadership opportunity and training
  • Sponsored community study groups
  • Mentoring opportunities for local, state, and national conference participation
  • AAADS Awards Program recognition
  • Atkins Academic Wall of Honors

Social engagement

Social engagement activities are designed to build relationships and confidence to communicate across cultures and boundaries. Interactions that happen at cultural and sporting events provide essential training for Akinites to grow in this way.

  • Movie nights
  • Welcome back to school pool party
  • Superbowl party
  • Night at the cinema
  • AAADS Fall Reception

Cultural interactions

Cultural interactions help to provide students with cultural literacy skills necessary to live in an increasingly diverse, global, and international world. Students from all cultural backgrounds are welcome to apply to live in our village and to participate in our programs through attendance of our educational trips, showcases and workshops.

  • New York or Washington Educational Emergent Trip
  • Museum trips
  • Participation in performing arts activities